Start collecting tweets today.
Launch a query and run it for minutes, hours or days.

Get the complete list of tweets corresponding to your search.
Access the results in Excel with a full report on words, languages, users and hashtags mentioned.
No need to code, just launch and get the results

Easy and powerful.

For PC, Mac and Linux.
Cloud based: launch the task, close your laptop and get a notification when it is finished.
Download the tweets to Excel.
Get access to simple and useful text mining analytics on the tweets.

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PC, Mac and Linux. Click and launch. Results in Excel.


An affordable way to collect tweets, starting at less than 3$.


Runs on a leading cloud platform, handles large streams of tweets.

A simple and powerful tool.

A clear interface

You can track how many tweets are collected, in real time.

All tweets visible in Excel.

The complete list of the tweets collected is available as an Excel file when the task is completed.

USeful analytics.

Detailed summary reports are integrated in the Excel file.

Setup your Twitter API keys, and done.

Twitter requires a basic setup to start the automatic collection of tweets. The Social Media Importer for Gephi gets you done in less than 5 minutes.

Get the Social Media Importer

It is free to install. No credit card and no login are required.